Island in the Sky

A special vignette for Earth Day

A special treat for our fans on ‪#‎EarthDay‬! A full video of the CD’s 1st track “Island in the Sky:” An ode to Planet Earth; to the joys, sadness and wonders of our planet captured in this quick video (which among other images holds our personal tribute to a true hero – astronomer/writer/philosopher Dr.Carl Sagan)…and to futile hope that humans will learn not to abuse the one home they really have before it is too late…’cause perhaps it IS too late in terms of irreversible environmental and ethical damage.

The phrase “Island in the Sky” comes from a passage in Alex’s dear friend author Bradford Morrow’s book “Trinity Fields.”

Musicians – Alex Skolnick (guitar), Max ZT (santoor), Moto Fukushima (bass), Luke Notary (percussion). Video compiled by Maddy Samaddar.

Thank you all for supporting Planetary Coalition!

(As this is a lower res video for quick upload, the audio will not be as good as heard in the original CD/mp3)


Please click here if the above video fails to play: