Month: October 2015

Planetary Coalition officially submitted for the Grammy awards

We are honored to be officially submitted by our record label ArtistShare for Grammy award consideration (and in very distinguished company too) – details in this article:

We are also in consideration for best instrumental, arranging, composition and soloist category.

While this is a pleasant surprise, the most important thing is that we were able to successfully create an album which took tremendous effort and musicianship. And that act of creation was a wonderful reward in itself.

Thank you ArtistShare NYC for believing in us!

artistshare grammy


Thank you ArtsLive & University of Dayton!

THANK YOU ArtsLive and the University of Dayton team for your wonderful hospitality and warm welcome this week and for making our October 29, 2015 show a success!
Special thanks to Eileen Carr & Bryan Bardine for the interviews!
Thank you Lisa Claus for the flawless coordination!
& to the Planetary Coalition ensemble who also spoke of interesting insights of their life and work.
We had a fantastic time!

Alex Skolnick -Acoustic Guitar
Rachel Golub -Violin
Max ZT – Santoor/Hammered Dulcimer
Moto Fukushima-Bass
Kenny Grohowski-Percussion
Maddy Samaddar – Visual Art & Film

Planetary Coalition ArtsLive

A Literary Coalition

Those in New York City and especially near Bard college and surrounding areas in upstate NewYork – please come and join Alex Skolnick and his friend, distinguished author of many books and “Conjunctions” editor Bradford Morrow for an evening of text and music, where the duo perform “A Bestiary.”

Event details and performer bios in this link:

The title of the track “Island in the Sky” was inspired from a chapter in Bradford Morrow’s book “Trinity Fields.”

We hope to see you there!

Bradford Morrow & Alex Skolnick

Bradford Morrow & Alex Skolnick

Violin Vignette

Violin Wednesday!

The multifaceted and multi-talented Rachel Golub lent her musical skills to the tracks “Django Tango,” “Old World Dance,” “Sleeping Gypsy” and “Passage to Pranayama” on our album.

Here is a short clip of her recording for “Sleeping Gypsy,” a track she has played live at several venues with Alex and his team.

You can find out more about Rachel on her website at

If you have joined us on ArtistShare you can see her interview by Alex. And you can see her perform as part of the ensemble that will play on OCTOBER 29, 2015 at Zehler Hall, for an ArtsLIve event at the College of Arts & Sciences, Dayton University, Ohio. Details here:

Rachel Golub
(video clip: filmed by Tom Couture; edited by Maddy)