Alex Skolnick & Yihan Chen. A guitar-pipa rehearsal

For ‪#tbt : The first meeting of Alex Skolnick and pipa virtuoso Yihan Chen exactly a year back in July 2014. Instant musical chemistry!

See how they came up with the track “Return of the Yi People” in the album -the first ever guitar-pipa duet and a variation of Wang Huiran’s tune Dance of the Yi People.

Did you know that the Chinese Pipa is an instrument more than 2000 years old?

Guitar: Alex Skolnick

Pipa: Yihan Chen

Filmed/edited by Maddy Samaddar

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Guitar jams and more…

Planetary Coalition will feature a variety of musicians from different parts of the world, bound together by the common thread of music, and to increase awareness – cultural, social and environmental.

This May, guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, both who are very active  in environmental and animal-rights issues, expressed their enthusiasm for the project.

Here they are in an improv acoustic guitar trio with guitarist Alex Skolnick