It’s all about the Bass!

Today we’ve featured one of our bass players who has performed on 4 tracks on the album.

Born in Kobe, Japan, Moto Fukushima is a Japan & NYC based six-string electric bass player, upright bass player, composer, mountain dulcimer and syamisen player.

Moto performed on Planetary Coalition’s tracks “Island in the Sky,” “Salto,” “Back to the Land,” & “Sleeping Gypsy.”

Moto will be part of our ensemble performing at ArtsLive, Dayton University on October 29, 2015.

Playing music since childhood, Moto received the scholarship and outstanding performer award before graduating summa cum laude, with highest honor, from the prestigious Berklee college of music in Boston, MA.

With a strong background in jazz improvisation, Western classical music, Japanese traditional music and African inspired musical sensibilities of South America, his playing is an amazing combination of finesse, subtlety, and power and he has performed with many great artists of our time. For more:

Moto Fukushima

Moto Fukushima


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